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How To Stay Awake On College All Nights


Of course, the best advice for pulling an all nighter is this: don’t put yourself in that position. However, sometimes even the best of students don’t manage their time as well as they should, or they get too overextended to handle their workload.

Scheduling is of utmost importance

If you want to pull off a successful all-nighter, then you’re going to have to come up with a solid schedule that will help you keep track of what you need to do and allot the proper amount of time for each assignment.

Before you start your all night study marathon, take the time to figure out exactly what you need to accomplish, and when. Draw out an hour-by-hour essay writing service schedule. Remember, you only have limited time, so make sure you make a schedule that allows you to accomplish everything–or at least as much as possible. This is especially important if you have multiple tasks to accomplish, like studying for two different exams.

Just remember to always include a little break time to help refresh your mind for the hours ahead.

Get the proper nourishment

One mistake that students often make is that they don’t get fueled up for the night ahead. Here are some food and drink tips:

– Limit caffeine. Caffeine can help, but you really need to use it in moderation. After binging on caffeine, your body crashes, which means you might be in terrible shape later in the evening or during your exam.

– Limit carbs, especially sugar. Like caffeine, carbohydrates will give you an energy burst– followed by a crash.

– Eat protein rich snacks. Protein will give you a more consistent source of energy to keep onwriting planwithout the crash. Try nuts, cheese, a meaty sandwich or wrap with minimal bread, or a low-sugar protein bar.

– Drink water.

Without enough energy, you won’t really last through the night. Keep these snacks handy throughout an all-nighter, and you’ll definitely see a difference.

Tips on avoiding caffeine

Fight the urge to drink caffeine and instead use some of these tips from Surviving College Life:

– Exercise – Exercise can be a great way to wake yourself up-take a short walk, dance to some music on your iPod, or head over to the gym for a little while.

– Don’t Study Somewhere Comfortable – Go somewhere with good, strong lighting, a non-squishy chair, and a table or desk. Sit up while you study, and change positions now and then.

– Take Breaks – Your brain needs to rest if you want to study hard for a long time AND do well on your test. Schedule out your time so you can take a break-I would study for 45 minutes, break for 15, and so forth.

Frequent breaks will also keep you awake and energized. It will also make you more attentive to what you’re actually studying or doing.