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Start with a Sample When Writing Your Personal Statement


Since most universities do not interview undergraduate applicants in person, the one way for a student to stand out among her peers is by writing an outstanding college personal statement. Having a plan for writing a college personal statement that includes getting organized, brainstorming and revising drafts is one way to ensure a student will write a successful college essay.

Keep in mind that the personal statement is a way for you to introduce yourself to the admissions panel, and let them have a sneak peek to what you can offer as a student.

Preparation is key

Make sure to take enough time to write the college personal statement. Begin the process at least six to eight weeks before the college application and college essay is due. Review the instructions on the college application thoroughly before brainstorming ideas.

Preparation is important when coming up with an essay. Set aside enough time to brainstorm for the topic, prepare the outline, write the actual essay, and edit and proofread your work.

My friend suggests that you include reading sample statements in your preparation for writing your essay:

A great exercise to conduct before you begin to put together your essay plan is to start with a sample. This way you can see exactly what goes on a personal statement and you can also check out how the tone of the writer is and what they actually are emphasizing.

Well-written sample essays can be used as guides when writing your own. However, make sure that you keep your work original and creative.

Understanding the writing process

I want to remind that writing your college personal statement is a process with numerous steps:

There are many steps involved when writing a successful college personal statement. Make sure to get organized, use specific examples, revise a lot and proofread to check for any errors and discrepancies. To increase the odds of acceptance to a university, a college personal statement needs to stand out among the plethora of other university essay applications.

There is no short cut when it comes to college application. Make sure to take each step seriously and give your best to increase your chances of getting admitted.